Where are F&F yoga classes?

 Flex & Flow runs classes in the Ballroom at the Royal Hotel, located on the corner of Timor and Fairy street.

More information can be found by pressing the Location link to the left.

What do I need to know before I start?

We believe that just like any other activity, it is important to know your boundaries. Each class will remind you to check-in with your body. Flex & Flow want you to try to improve your practice, however it is equally important to go at your pace and listen to your body. If you have any known limitations, please let the teacher know so pose modifications or alternatives can be suggested. Utilizing props can help students of all levels explore poses in new and innovative ways.

Is booking essential?

Booking is NOT essential but it can help the teacher better prepare especially IF YOU ARE NEW to F&F classes. If you advise us if your wish to attend, we can make sure we have a registration form and a spot ready. For more information or to chat further, please contact Amelia via text, email, or Facebook inbox message. Alternatively, click the button Left to leave us a message.

What do I wear and bring?

Being safe and comfortable is paramount to us at F&F Yoga.

Wear clothes that allow you to move easily in, e.g. yoga wear, shorts, lounge wear etc. However, clothing that is too baggy can be dangerous. Remember, F&F yoga is not about wearing the latest yoga clothes - be comfortable even if that means pj's!

 Many students wear glasses during their practice. It's helpful if you can bring a yoga mat, block and/or blanket.  There are some spare mats at the Flex & Flow studio but please book these in advance. Health and safety is important to us, so if you borrow our equipment please clean after use. Yoga mats and equipment are especially susceptible to the germs and bacteria, so please be sure to help with cleaning to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria.

NB. ALLERGY CAUTION Our eco-friendly, biodegradable mats are made from natural rubber and jute. This combination may contain traces of latex. 

Can I do yoga with an illness or injury?

Flex & Flow Yoga offer practices that are very gentle with lot's of variations and modifications. Checking with you GP that it is safe for you to do yoga is important and more so if you have an illness or an injury.  If attending a class, be sure to state anything that might be relevant when completing the Waiver and Disclaimer Form at your first class. Please inform the teacher if you need to update you health information at any time. Adaptions and modifications can be offered to assist limitations. Yoga has the potential to improve many ailments and can be considered a type of physical therapy.

Click the button on the Left to learn more about F&F's yoga etiquette, including information about yoga practice attendance and sickness.

How do I prepare for a yoga class?

- We recommend that you drink plenty of water during the day before your class to ensure you are hydrated.
- Please refrain from strong perfumes, colognes, or smoking before class.

- Maintain good yogi hygiene; don't forget your feet!
- Keep nails short and neat.
- Leave valuables at home. However, if you bring them with you, they are your responsibility at all times.
- Turn off mobile phones.
- Please refrain from making too much noise once in the studio. Many students like to take time before class to meditate or quietly center themselves

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