​F&F Yoga Etiquette

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early.

This allows you to settle in, get centred and prepare for practice. It also means that you

won't disturb students who are already settled.


  • Practice cleanliness.

Ensure that you and your mat are clean before practice. The yoga teacher will have cleaning

products, hand sanitizer etc. available if you need.


  • Illness and sickness.

Yoga can be beneficial to our health and can sometimes improve our health. However if

your symptoms are below the neck or contagious please stay away. We all want to be dedicated yogis and yoginis but attending class when you are sick can lead to undesirable consequences for others. If you are too sick to attend work or school, you are too sick to attend F&F yoga class. Please, consider others and check with your doctor. If you decide to skip class but still want to keep your practice up, contact F&F for some additional support and resources.


  • Turn off noisy and buzzy electronics and noisy distractions.

This includes phones, wrist watches, iPads, dangly necklaces, jingly earrings, the list can go on. We want you to be totally present and peaceful.

  • Be aware of the space we share.

It is common courtesy to ensure that the people beside and behind you have a clear view of the teacher. Please rearrange your mat if you need to accommodate your and other's needs. F&F has spray bottles and cloths to wipe down the mats and props (especially if you have borrowed them).

  • Remove your shoes.

Please take off your shoes to the side with your belongings. Foot traffic, especially when it is wet outside can make the floors undesirable. Also, please DO NOT stand on anyone else's mat;  it is considered disrespectful to stand on anyone else's mat with or without shoes. Note. The studio can have chilly floors during the colder months, so you can leave your socks on until you are instructed to take them off. Feel free to wear yoga socks with good grip if necessary.

  • Don't leave early.

The final part of the class for some students is the time for stillness and deep rest. It is sometimes unavoidable but if you absolutely must, please inform the teacher prior to class.

  • Honour your limits.

Work from where you are, not where you think you should be. Never force or push a pose to the point of pain or discomfort. Consider all variations/modifications and use of props.

  • Happy feet, happy class.

Keep your nails short and trim - Long nails can not only be dangerous but harder to keep clean.

If you are experiencing pain, skin or nail problems, sores,odour, lumps, bumps, bunions or misshapen toes please see a podiatrist or your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. If you have anything that is infectious or contagious please DO NOT attend class until your doctor says it is safe to do so. Maintain proper hygiene at all times if attending F&F yoga classes.

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