March 2020

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14.3.2020 - With the real and impending threat of coronavirus, Flex & Flow Yoga is looking at things a little differently. The health and wellbeing of our yoga community is number one – we take care of each other! It is our responsibility to do our best to keep our people safe, and to protect those most vulnerable.

Also with less than three weeks left of pregnancy and the understandable community hesitation surrounding COVID-19, we are going to CANCEL THE REMAINDER of our yoga classes at The Royal Ballroom.

Yoga studios and gyms are virus heaven, with high-density humans in a small space and lots of surfaces with contact potential.

Therefore, a temporary break from yoga will give us a chance to undertake some public health measures and also to look after ourselves and each other.

NB. Milly is qualified in yoga teaching and health promotion but is NOT qualified in public health or medicine. We will not offer opinions or undermine public health efforts.

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Are you staying in? Want to keep up those good yoga feels?

Get in touch with or send us a 'Contact Us' form below and we will send you through a list of free Youtube channels with teachers I love and use. I'll also add in some apps I use daily for meditation and relaxation! A great way to keep active, mindful and relaxed.

P.S. No baby yet! We are now 40 weeks and 4 days, so not long!! I'll post a picture of this babe as soon as I can.

Stay well, stay in yogis 🙏🌿

And thank you to all the essential service workers! We appreciate you!

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